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Divine Heritage Children's Centre is One Year in operation from last year 2013 September when we received our first baby David Chika

Genesis of the journey-Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy and for thy truth sake (Psalm 114:1)

What seems impossible has now become accomplished task. Though still challenging but fulfilling by God's grace. The vision was birthed in the year 2000, in that singular revelation, l saw a naked child walking towards me on a bridge. All around the child were men and women who would not render any help. To my greatest surprise everybody around coming behind the boy displayed a nonchalant attitude to the plight of the child.

By the time l could lend a helping hand, the child had jumped into the river. This vision has however placed a burden in my heart to rescue and release the children found everywhere from slums, villages, hospitals, trash can and gutters etc. from clutches of hopelessness and differed destinies to archiving a hopeful, purposeful and God designed for such life.

The vision materialised in the year 2008 with the support of my lovely husband Rev David Kolawole Idowu, we refurbished our private property at Ikotun for the orphanage home while we lived at Akoka but during that time we did not have any child.

In the year 2011, The Lord provided a new property at Ikorodu for us where we live presently. The Lord also provided a new land where we put a befitting building furnished for boys and girls instead of going from Ikorodu to Ikotun everyday. The Home was dedicated dedicated on ..29th...March 2013.. By Pastor Felix Oluwagbemiga and Rev and Rev Mrs. Rufus Owoade and approval was given by Ministry of Youth and Sport from Alausa in August 2013. We started operating as a family the same August with 9 staff - 2 caregivers, 2 nurses, 3 security 1 cleaner and 1 driver all preparing and waiting for baby while the staff were on re numeration.

We sent our introduction and government approval letters to places - police stations, hospitals, churches, local government and other places not child forth coming. I was trusting God for orphans and at the same time looking forward when the dream will actually come to pass like wise the staff also looking forward to Nurture children.

On September 3rd or 5th 2013 precisely, it was a dream come true as our Home received a call from Ministry of Youth Social and Development Alausa IKEJA to come and pick a baby.

It was a baby boy of a month old, looking handsome and fair in complexion. I was glad to hold in my hands David Chika- Anyanwu. That day marked a memorable. today we have 14 staff on salary.

We have enough room space that can accommodate more than 50 children, so we appeal to people around to inform us of any child from baby to 13 years that are abandoned or any teenage pregnancy can be helped without putting the child at risk.